April 16th, 2019- Fable 2

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Hello and today I’m doing a review on Fable 2. Now a legitimate question that my personal friends would ask is,”Hey Travis, isn’t Fable 2 one of your favorite, if not your favorite game?” Then they would precede to wonder if I’m doing acts of desperation for my blog to not let it die. Proceeding onwards, this game is rated M, so don’t let little Billy play it. Like seriously, don’t. I love this game and would recommend it to anyone, but it is a bad idea to give little kids rated M games.

The plot of this game is awesome. The plot begins where you are an orphan named Sparrow who gets led onto a castle along side and shot out a window, fall quite a few stories, survive (while your sister is killed), and then raised as a gypsy. You are then set on a quest to avenge your sisters death. My only complaint is the ending sucks (really more along the lines of anticlimactic). I’m not going to spoiler territory because that would be a jackhole move.

The sound track of this game is something I legitimately can’t go into is because how I played this game was one the Xbox One’s backward compatibility feature and that corrupted some of the sound (especially in the temple of shadows) . For me it was either speed up the process of gaining hearing loss with age or listen to my own music. The voice acting was good (it wasn’t corrupted except for the temple of shadows) however.

The gameplay is phenomenal. I like how you can be a corrupt jackhole or a pure saint, or someone who is heavily corrupt but overall good. I personally was a pure soul not guided by morals (aka pure neutral). I also love how interactive everything is. I do have to admit I got too much of a kick from chicken punting.

Overall I would give this game 9.9 out of 10. I love this game to death and think it is amazing in every way except for the ending/final boss. Although I might be slightly biased as Fable is one of my top 3 favorite game series, I truly believe this game is a good game. I played it to completion, and would recommend it to anyone. Signing out for now


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