12th of July, 2018- Wizard of Legend review

*image found at official Wizard of Legend website

*Post edit* Read this before the post Treat this like a draft. I will come back to this and either re-do it or just add more. My everyday stress seeped in this and I just don’t like the outcome of this. This review doesn’t do this game justice. So expect in the future a entirely new post on this game or if I re-edit this this little tidbit will have a line through the whole thing.

*during editing Sorry for being a day late, editing can be evil sometimes, especially on a phone. I’m not kidding, even with spelling spell can turn to speak and autocorrect ignores grammatical errors. Italics and bold print appear randomly also. The only reason I didn’t have this up yesterday is I do this on a bus, or during leisure time at my job. *end of during edit

Hello and today I’m doing a review on Wizard of Legend. Before I get started I would like to say Wizard of Legend is available on all modern platforms (or at least it is to my knowledge). I put in modern and to my knowledge because I don’t want to get in trouble with social media. If it isn’t I apologize. I’m going to give the PC price because it would be a hassle to find out prices for platforms I do not own (Switch and PlayStation). The PC price is 15.99 US dollars. I live in the US and since I’m still a student I plea ignorance on currency conversion. Now on to the review.

Wizard of Legend is a rogue like game in which you play as a poor sap who was transported through space and time to compete as a Wizard in something called the chaos trials. This game is unique as you have infinite mana, while simultaneously having spell cool down time. For the most part weak spells/ dodging spells have little to no cool down, powerful spells have large cool down, and middle class spells have charging cool downs (the longer you wait the more powerful it gets, but there is a max power).

I like the art-style and aesthetics to the game and the music, but this game can be incredibly difficult. You shouldn’t expect to get past the first floor on your first try, even if you are a seasoned rogue veteran. This game is difficult, but not dark souls difficult.

Overall I’d have to give this game a 8/10. I like this game and would recommend it to most people, and it is a fun game. That’s all for now,


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