10th of July, 2018- The Binding of Issac (Afterbirth plus) Review

*Image found at Steam.

Hello and today, (sorry for another hiatus, my free time hasn’t been that much lately) I’m doing a The Binding of Issac (Afterbirth plus) review. I’m just going to state now don’t let little Timmy play this game, as it is rated M. This game is purchase-able on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Price fluctuates as of current, so price will be updated once it stabilizes.

I have to say I enjoy the Binding of Issac. I also have to say I’ve been really unlucky with this game. So far I’ve gotten the burning basement heavily and I’ve had terrible luck with all my draws so far. But now onto the actual review itself.

As a heads up The Binding of Issac has religious content and disturbing images, so now, you’ve been warned. And my rear end is covered. Also you have been warned.

Gameplay: Overall this game has fun and addictive gameplay. It is a rogue-like game, so if rogue games aren’t your cup of tea, I would not recommend it highly, but I would still recommend it. If you want to get into rogue games this is the game you want to start with. Play-style is where you move around, bomb things, and shoot tears (Usually). The gameplay is slightly luck based, but it is mostly skill. I do have to say hope the RNG doesn’t hate you like it hates me. But this game has solid gameplay.

Music/Soundtrack: To be brief about it, this game had awesome music. I find the music amazing, and the soundtrack great.

Graphics: Since the graphics very from version I say it deserves a gold star (otherwise known as I wasn’t even sure how to approach this topic, but I still like it)

Overall I give this game a 10/10. That’s how good this game is. Normally I do a rant but I currently am forced to do this on my phone, so I apologize, and that’s all (for now, once I get a computer or something better I’ll update this review to good quality and not subpar). Until next time


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