19th of April, 2018- Okami HD review

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Hello and today I am celebrating a one year anniversary of Firemoon gaming (“Slightly” belated), and I’m doing a review on Okami HD. Sorry for yet another Hiatus, I am terrible at time management. Well, time to leap before I think of doing anything else straight onto this review.

Okami is a game based heavily on Japanese mythology. In Okami you play as Amaterasu, wolf goddess of the sun and mother to all the people in Nippon. In Okami the end goal is to collect all the paint brush gods and triumph against all evil. But before going forward, I have to say, I’m not kidding about the wolf part. That alone should say this a quirky game, and you never directly speak, unless you count with your eyes. Who translates for you is the “lady killer” Issun, who speaks many hilarious one liners. Now onto game play.

The gameplay in Okami is great (except for the ball pushing physics. I mean, seriously? You could’ve made it easier to push the stupid balls in the hd version, but noooo. other than that it’s good). You use brush techniques to get around in the world, and you also fight demons. This game is unique as instead of leveling up when fighting enemies, you make money. To “level up” you do side quests to get praise, and you spend that praise on numerous abilities. You can also bloom trees, restore areas, and feed animals. You can spend praise on more inkpots which is vital, get more health, increase your wallet size, or increase your astral pouch (atral pouch is essentially an extra life, aka revives you when you die). My advice is to max out your ink pot as soon as possible, but get an increase in wallet size once before Ryoshima Coast, or when the cost of an ink pot and wallet size is equal. On to music.

The music/soundtrack in this game is amazing. I honestly listen to it sometimes to relax, and sometimes to pump myself up. This games music is relatable to traditional Japanese. The best thing I can say is listen to it.

The artstyle is phenomenal. I am speechless on how good this artstyle. Just check it out. If anything, this is the best part of the game by a large margin. Everything else can be measured on how good it is, however this is immeasurable (by me at least).

Overall I would give this game a 9.9/ 10. The one reason for no ten is the wonky ball pushing physics. Other than that this game is amazing. Get this game, love this game, for this game is amazing. Or don’t (You are entitled to your own opinion). That’s all for now-




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