19th of April, 2018- Okami HD review

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Hello and today I am celebrating a one year anniversary of Firemoon gaming (“Slightly” belated), and I’m doing a review on Okami HD. Sorry for yet another Hiatus, I am terrible at time management. Well, time to leap before I think of doing anything else straight onto this review.

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27th of March, 2018- Dead Rising 3 Review

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Hello, and today I am going to do a review on Dead Rising three. Keep in mind this is a Rated M game, so anybody who is not legally over the age of seventeen (In the US at least, I do not have a clue for other countries age restrictions) shouldn’t play this. I do have to say, this game has a special place in my heart, as this was my first rated M game that I purchased as a seventeen year old, around two weeks ago. Ah, the joys of being 17. I can now waltz right into rated R movies (Purchasing a ticket of course), and N-17 movies. I can also get M games. I did gloss over I turned 17 a while back, so now I almost have free reign. I just have to wait a year then here I come Ao. Not that I would actually play an Ao game. I am getting off topic so here I go.

Dead Rising three is a Survival shooter game where you play as Nick Ramos, a young mechanic who is a survivor to the zombie apocalypse. Unlike previous games in the series (Or so I am told) you have a lax time limit to do different missions in the story. You can decide to do classic difficulty from the get go in nightmare mode, so if you have nerves of steel you can be a maniac if this is your first dead rising game. In this game the ultimate goal is to escape los Peridos in this hack and slash title. Before I even go to different mechanics and pros and cons, I do have to say with what I have experienced so far, I would give this game a 9.5 out of 10. I have experienced little to no problems on my part. There sadly is no major glitches (using sadly loosely), and this is an extremely well made game. There is no BS mechanics I have presently found. If I found a problem it was quickly resolved with this game, as it was me being an idiot. Now on to individualities.

Soundtrack- Honestly I can’t say much about the soundtrack. I was too immersed in gameplay to even notice it. Something similar to the sound track, the voice actors. I found the voice actors perfect for this game. In all honesty, if someone has an annoying voice it can ruin something easily. Even monotone voice is better than high pitched or annoying for me, and I hate monotone voices. I won’t really rate the soundtrack because it doesn’t matter, I get too caught up in the game to care about the sounds, with the exceptions of cutscenes.

Gameplay (10/10)- To me, this game has solid gameplay. I would even say it is way too solid, as I can ignore my surroundings with ho fun it is. You can drive around, craft weapons, hack and slash, run over masses of zombies, ignore the story or play the game to its fullest. There is something for everybody out there in this game (except for anyone under the age of 17)

Story (9 out of 10)- I actually really liked the plot on this game. At one point I went say what. Mostly because I have some background knowledge of the Dead Rising series. I liked how the different bosses have stories. I was skeptical with some on the contrary. Honestly there should of been a secret ending for beating all of the seven sin bosses. That really is my only qualm, how all you get was a shiny weapon and/or vehicle. Shame on me for being slightly biased, but the plot other than that is amazing. I should just change that to a decimal, but it would be a hassle to do extremely complex math.

In all honesty, for my first dead rising game that I played and didn’t watch someone else play, I really liked this game. I liked the nod off to Frank from the first game by all the statues. Like before, I give this game a 9.5 out of 10. That is all for now-


December 1st 2017- Valkyria Revolution review

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Hello again, and today I am doing a review on Valkyria Revolution. Now you may be wondering, Wait, he already did something today. Is he going insane? And I say no. I am going to start to do two things a day whenever possible. I say whenever because *gasp* I am a student, let alone a highschool student. So lets get this show on the road.
Valkyria Revolution is a cutscene heavy game in which you play as Amlet, a military mastermind in the AntiValkria squad who is also one of the five traitors. This game is a game that is set in the future past, where you are recalling the events trying to find the truth of the Revolution.

Graphics- The games graphics are amazing, but not the greatest. This is a spinoff game for the Valkyria series, but even then this game was released this year. I like the style, but my main problem is the character animation in cutscenes. They are not good. To me it could use more emotion and fluidity, but that’s my only problem with the graphics. Overall I would give this a (8/10). 

Music- This games music is what made this game good to great for me. I deliberatly bought the Vangard edition just so I could get a legal copy of the soundtrack. If I could describe the music in three words, it would be beautiful and brilliant. Overall I would give this a (10/10)

Gameplay- This games gameplay is truly addicting.  It realies heavily on stratigy and takes elements of RPGs into it. It’s extremely fun. However, I’m going to say that this game has too many cutscenes so you don’t have time to appreciate the game. The cutscenes do add a lot to the game, but holy cow, this game is like Okami in the sense of you have to wait, but if you do, you have one great ride ahead for you. Overall, I’d give the game play a (9/10) the cutscenes a (8/10)  but the amount of cutscenes a (5/10) (Seriously, it has a ton of cutscenes, I enjoy them, but it annoys me to no end on how many there. This should be a hint game developers)

Plot- Firs of all, I’d like to say one thing. Dang (this is the kid appropriate way of saying it) it is awesome. If I say anything else about it, it would be hard not to spoil a thing because I would fanboy the heck out. Overall a (10/10)

Overall- This game may have its flaws, but I will say I love this game. This may sound like all my other reviews (minus the flaws part), but this is a diamond in the rough. If I were to give it a score, it would be 6.5/10. That may seem weird after how high it ranked in the other categories, but what this game really lacked was the heart. In my opinion, if they just put even a tiny bit of effort, this would of been a 10/10. I would still recommend this game to anyone though, but at first I was a little guilt ridden to say even one bad thing, but my job is to tell the truth and not falsely advertise. All the games I’ve played so far I’ve bought with my own money, so if there is a hiatus, I don’t have the cash. I ended reviewing this game in the end though to show this game to you to you, the reader. It’s truly a diamond in the rough. Thats all for now-


September 23rd 2017- Metroid Samus Returns review


Metroid Samus Returns*Image pulled from Nintendo

Last week Metroid Samus returns came out for the Nintendo 3DS. It is no secret that Metroid is one of my favorite series of all time. So when I came in I had extremely high expectations. I am extremely glad to say the Metroid 2 remake blew away my expectations and it is a much better game than I hoped. (I swear I do not work for Nintendo nor do I get paid to review their games, I just play a ton of Nintendo games) (*Warning, this reiew does contain spoilers, but no major spoilers, thankfully)Well on to the review.

Complaints (2)(These are minor/insignificant complaints) When I finished the game, I half hoped you would be able to play the original Metroid 2, but sadly, no. The only other complaint is that you have to get amibo’s and have an amibo reader to experience the game fully, but that’s really my only complaints. Still play or get the game though (legally).

Graphics- 10 out of 10-  When I saw this game on YouTube, I initially thought wow, this game doesn’t have the greatest graphics. But that was just an assumption that YouTube and how the game would look would be the same. That was mistake primero Uno. This game has amazing graphics, and I think that statement is an understatement. This game has some of the singlehandedly best graphics for a 3DS game.

Gameplay- 10 out of 10- When I heard the game has a ton of additions since Metroid 2, I was skeptic. But these additions are amazing. It’s extremely fun to mess with the 360 degree aiming, and the programming for the  360 degree aiming is impressive. Every Aeion ability gets better each time, along with useful. The great part is that the spider ball is finally back in a 2D Metroid game, and it isn’t an item that makes the game too easy. The only thing is when you teleport, it is implied that you can go places other than SR388. Also this game is sort of like Metroid Zero Mission where the game is longer than the original.

Sound/Music-10 out of 10)- When I first played the game(during the beginning, not the whole time) I thought they just reused the soundtrack from the original game. They did not. They revamped many (and I mean many) if not all of the sound track. My favorite is the final phase of the final boss.

Other things (Warning, some of this section is speculation, and some is spoilers in general. Don’t read this until after you play the game, or if you watch some random person play. Perferably the first. Then comment to see if you agree, disagree, or other)- I liked the games plot. But from the final boss, it makes super Metroid make complete sense and from the final cutscene, it shows there is either A) a Metroid Fusion remake coming out, B) a Super Metroid remake coming out, or C) both. (Spoiler) For the love of it they even showed a fully rendered x-parasite, and the transformation of the creature who would eventually possess Samus’s suit. They even have a Metroid Fusion Mode where you play with the suit on from fusion, and if that doesn’t scream WE ARE MAKING A METROID FUSION REMAKE, I do not know what does. But even from the final boss fight, you see basically what happened at the beginning of super Metroid.

Summary- This game is an extremely fun game. Although some of the boss fights are hard, this game is still incredibly fun. I would recommend this to everyone and anyone, and I would recommend for whoever is reading this to go and buy this game now. The only reason I would say not to buy it is if this is a decision between paying bills, food, or getting this game. But even then I would still recommend this game.

Final score- 10 out of 10

That’s all for now

The FiremoonGamer


July 25th, 2017- Kid Icarus 3D remake review

Kid Icarus

After a really long hiatus, I am proud to review the 3D remake of Kid Icarus. (Sorry if this is one of my more sloppy works, it has been a while) Now before fans of the series go get their pitchforks and go,” Really, recommend Kid Icarus, that is basically giving a baby a hand grenade,” yes, that is what I’m doing after so long. This game is insanely hard, but this series has as much love from Nintendo like the Joker and Harley Quinn. But this game is insanely fun once you get past the wanting to throw your controller to the wall. On to why this game is so great.

Plot (5 out of 5)- In this classic, you play as Pit, an angel from Greek mythological times, trying to save Palutena, the goddess of light, from imprisonment from Medusa, goddess of darkness. Pit is a young angel who can’t fly, and one day Medusa turned all angels but him into stone because he was a crippled angel. This is one of the darker plots of Nintendo, so overall I give it a A+.

Difficulty (-5 out of 5, aka difficult like there is no tomorrow)- In this game falling means instant death, getting hit too many times means death, and you have to start the stage all over if you die. To be completely honest, the reason it is so difficult is the first level. You start out in the underworld, and guess where the hardest enemies are. They put Reapers left and right, but to be completely honest, if you beat the first level, the rest of the game is a breeze.

Game play (5 out of 5)- The game mechanics are overly simple. All it is is jump, platform, shoot, pray you don’t get killed, duck occasionally (Do not do this on clouds, this can easily get you killed) and occasionally switch to hammer to free centurions during fortresses. That is all there is to it.

Summary- Kid Icarus is a fun classic you can easily get from Nintendo on the 3DS. I would highly recommend it, and overall I would give it a five out of five. If you can beat it, then any hard game might become a lot easier. That is all for today.

The Firemoon Gamer

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April 26th 2017- Spooky’s House of Jump Scares Review


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(Warning, this game contains graphic and disturbing images, flashing lights, and sudden jump scares. It is not recommended to play if you have a weak heart, epilepsy, have been heavily sheltered as a kid, or are under the age of 13. I am not telling you to play this, so don’t get mad at me if anything happens. It is an amazing game nevertheless. There, now I can’t get sued.)

This game is recommended for beginners in the horror genre, and all types of gamer’s. Veterans might have difficulty because it is an unusual horror game; it’s different than most of that genre.

 I’m reviewing the free, original version, not the HD remake, so don’t question why some things are out dated. (On a side note this game wasn’t even released ten years ago and it got a remake, and I find that funny, and I’m not making a backhanded comment there.)

Today I’m reviewing a cuteysy, demonic, horror game called Spooky’s House of Jump Scares. Many people are probably wondering why today I’m reviewing a horror game in the middle of Spring (or Fall if you live in the southern hemisphere), when it’s not even remotely close to Halloween, and that is because this a game that needs more love. Spooky’s House of Jump Scares is a horror game on P.C. that is about you exploring a mansion that is haunted by the ghost of a kid named Spooky. You traverse the halls, trying to figure out what happened while trying to not die. It is extremely cute game, but some of the images are really gorey. You should ask your doctor first if you can play this if you have epilepsy or a weak heart. I overall give this game an 8.46 out of 10. Now lets see why.

Sound (80 out of 100) – The quality of the sound and voice acting are pretty solid. It is amazing, but some of it is overly creepy. It doesn’t really have music, but does have audio per say, so it gets minus 20 points.

Gameplay (90 out of 100) – The gameplay is also pretty solid, but can be annoying at times. You can only save every 100 rooms, so if you mess up, too bad so sad. It can be frustrating, but it is also simplistic. It’s good for what it is.

Story (75 out of 100) – The story is very cryptic, and there is a different story for everything, and the ending is good, but could improve. The story can be confusing, and you may need to play the game once or twice to get it. It’s bittersweet and good once you understand it all.

Scare factor (100 out of 100) – This is a game that starts out entirely cute, and it leads you on. You feel as safe as can be, but then it hits you with an eighteen wheeler, and you will be scared out of your mind. Not saying why or how though; that would spoil all the fun.

Atmosphere (95 out of 100) – The general atmosphere changes immensely as the game progresses, and each atmosphere is unique and extremely fitting for each section. Some people may not like the amount of atmospheres, and how they transition.

Graphics (67 out of 100) – This game has good graphics for what it is, but it’s not the greatest.

It is available on Steam for free, but the D.L.C isn’t. I would recommend to try it yourself for a bit before buying anything.

April 17th- Metriod Fusion Review

This game is recommended for advanced gamer’s and up, but still can be enjoyed by every one. I will consider this a horror game, for the sake of this game is surprisingly intense. It finds new ways to scare me every time. It doesn’t even contain gore, graphic, or disturbing images, it’s just scary. I don’t know why, I really can’t describe it. I still love it and play it all the time though. 

metroid fusion artMetroid fusion is a game in which you play as Bounty Hunter Samus Aran in a gba horror-shooter adventure game where you are actively hunted by creature SA-X. I give this game a 4 out of five stars. The graphics are incredibly good for its time, it is a pixelated 24bit 2d game. It has fitting sound effects, and even has sprites that are only used once. The first sprite that is only used once is in a beginning cut scene, where the beginning enemy is opening up its jaws. This is surprisingly only used once, as the enemy shows up many times in game. The atmosphere is amazing, as it always feels as if you could die or get attacked any minute. It can be downloaded for virtual consol any time for ten dollars. The game should be approximately 4 to 5 hours for any beginner, and it is difficult at times, but it is recommended regardless.

Image is official art from Nintendo.


AM2R Review April 13th, 2017

This game is recommended to everyone, but it might be insanely hard to legitimately hard to find. I’m still a wee bit disgruntled about Nintendo shutting it down. This review is different from regular format because I’m not even sure it’s up anymore, or if you can get a legitimate copy of it anymore. This is here because of a memorial kind of thing. I am lucky enough to have nabbed me a copy though. 

Today I am Reviewing AM2R. AM2R is a PC game that is a Fan game for Metroid 2, which is also a  remake. This is given a 4.5 out of 5 star rating, mostly for how good the game is. The point five taken away is only for it was taken down , and while it is back up, it is hard to find. This game has amazing graphics, and game play, but the controls are hard to get used to for the game. The ascetics are good, and feels like a genuine Nintendo made game. It is an incredibly easy game to 100 percent, but then there is its difficulty. Easy mode can feel harder than normal mode, but that is at first glance. Enemies can be confused for background objects, and hazards, but usually are identifiable. This can be confusing for first time gamer’s. It is faithful to the original Metroid 2, so if you want to see it again, ask the creator here AM2R official website.