September 23rd 2017- Metroid Samus Returns review


Metroid Samus Returns*Image pulled from Nintendo

Last week Metroid Samus returns came out for the Nintendo 3DS. It is no secret that Metroid is one of my favorite series of all time. So when I came in I had extremely high expectations. I am extremely glad to say the Metroid 2 remake blew away my expectations and it is a much better game than I hoped. (I swear I do not work for Nintendo nor do I get paid to review their games, I just play a ton of Nintendo games) (*Warning, this reiew does contain spoilers, but no major spoilers, thankfully)Well on to the review.

Complaints (2)(These are minor/insignificant complaints) When I finished the game, I half hoped you would be able to play the original Metroid 2, but sadly, no. The only other complaint is that you have to get amibo’s and have an amibo reader to experience the game fully, but that’s really my only complaints. Still play or get the game though (legally).

Graphics- 10 out of 10-  When I saw this game on YouTube, I initially thought wow, this game doesn’t have the greatest graphics. But that was just an assumption that YouTube and how the game would look would be the same. That was mistake primero Uno. This game has amazing graphics, and I think that statement is an understatement. This game has some of the singlehandedly best graphics for a 3DS game.

Gameplay- 10 out of 10- When I heard the game has a ton of additions since Metroid 2, I was skeptic. But these additions are amazing. It’s extremely fun to mess with the 360 degree aiming, and the programming for the  360 degree aiming is impressive. Every Aeion ability gets better each time, along with useful. The great part is that the spider ball is finally back in a 2D Metroid game, and it isn’t an item that makes the game too easy. The only thing is when you teleport, it is implied that you can go places other than SR388. Also this game is sort of like Metroid Zero Mission where the game is longer than the original.

Sound/Music-10 out of 10)- When I first played the game(during the beginning, not the whole time) I thought they just reused the soundtrack from the original game. They did not. They revamped many (and I mean many) if not all of the sound track. My favorite is the final phase of the final boss.

Other things (Warning, some of this section is speculation, and some is spoilers in general. Don’t read this until after you play the game, or if you watch some random person play. Perferably the first. Then comment to see if you agree, disagree, or other)- I liked the games plot. But from the final boss, it makes super Metroid make complete sense and from the final cutscene, it shows there is either A) a Metroid Fusion remake coming out, B) a Super Metroid remake coming out, or C) both. (Spoiler) For the love of it they even showed a fully rendered x-parasite, and the transformation of the creature who would eventually possess Samus’s suit. They even have a Metroid Fusion Mode where you play with the suit on from fusion, and if that doesn’t scream WE ARE MAKING A METROID FUSION REMAKE, I do not know what does. But even from the final boss fight, you see basically what happened at the beginning of super Metroid.

Summary- This game is an extremely fun game. Although some of the boss fights are hard, this game is still incredibly fun. I would recommend this to everyone and anyone, and I would recommend for whoever is reading this to go and buy this game now. The only reason I would say not to buy it is if this is a decision between paying bills, food, or getting this game. But even then I would still recommend this game.

Final score- 10 out of 10

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