9/17/2019- The Secret of Monkey Island

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Hello and today I am covering a classic game, Secret of Monkey Island. For the record I played the Special Edition, so if there is any confusion on whether or not I got the legit experience, I technically did with the more modern version (If that is even correct statement). Another thing for the record is that the price of Monkey Island while I was writing the review was $9.99 on steam. On to the review. *This game is appropriate for all ages*

To go into this review, I must admit, I wasn’t even sure how in the world I was going to review a point and click game, especially one from ten (the special edition came out in 2009) (Technically approx. 30 years, because the original version came out in 1990) ago. Games sometimes don’t age well, sometimes opinions change of things, and sometimes things that are socially acceptable change. Point and click games, while fun, usually get the short end of the stick. One example of times changing is the nutrition heavy cannibals. Some might see that as a jab towards vegans modern day, while some might find it funny (myself included). So in all fairness (and seeing how I wasn’t born before and/or have memories of 1990 (because I still wasn’t born) so I can’t tell anyone whether or not some of that stuff would fly back then) I’ll do a ” is it inherently a good game or bad game” type of game review today.


This is a point and click adventure, and point and click is either love it or hate it type of game play, so theirs that. I personally love playing point and click games (not all point and click games though, some are just monotonous or just plain idiocy) and puzzle solving, so there is that.


This game is a very witty game, especially with the sword fighting, but my one complaint is the sword fighting RnG. I didn’t actually look into it too much, but sometimes with the sword fighting you can be grinding because you can’t get a certain line to pop up, so in turn, sometimes the humor gets monotonous because of waiting for a time that is comparative to forever. But other than that this game has hours upon hours of subjectively humorous dialogue.

Voice Acting

This game has decent voice acting. Sometimes it feels slightly apathetic, but it is still decent nonetheless. I might be having higher standards because of modern voice acting, so I’ll cut the game some slack.


Overall I would give this game a 6/10. The monotony I felt with this game sometimes was just too much, and sometimes the things you had to do were just too convoluted. I wouldn’t call this a bad game per se, I just wouldn’t call it a good game. I enjoyed myself for the most part, but I can faithfully say this game hasn’t aged well in my opinion. If you don’t have the nostalgia, I fell like this game might be a bust, if not for the humor. I would recommend it, but just for the experience. That’s it for now-


27th of March, 2018- Dead Rising 3 Review

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Hello, and today I am going to do a review on Dead Rising three. Keep in mind this is a Rated M game, so anybody who is not legally over the age of seventeen (In the US at least, I do not have a clue for other countries age restrictions) shouldn’t play this. I do have to say, this game has a special place in my heart, as this was my first rated M game that I purchased as a seventeen year old, around two weeks ago. Ah, the joys of being 17. I can now waltz right into rated R movies (Purchasing a ticket of course), and N-17 movies. I can also get M games. I did gloss over I turned 17 a while back, so now I almost have free reign. I just have to wait a year then here I come Ao. Not that I would actually play an Ao game. I am getting off topic so here I go.

Dead Rising three is a Survival shooter game where you play as Nick Ramos, a young mechanic who is a survivor to the zombie apocalypse. Unlike previous games in the series (Or so I am told) you have a lax time limit to do different missions in the story. You can decide to do classic difficulty from the get go in nightmare mode, so if you have nerves of steel you can be a maniac if this is your first dead rising game. In this game the ultimate goal is to escape los Peridos in this hack and slash title. Before I even go to different mechanics and pros and cons, I do have to say with what I have experienced so far, I would give this game a 9.5 out of 10. I have experienced little to no problems on my part. There sadly is no major glitches (using sadly loosely), and this is an extremely well made game. There is no BS mechanics I have presently found. If I found a problem it was quickly resolved with this game, as it was me being an idiot. Now on to individualities.

Soundtrack- Honestly I can’t say much about the soundtrack. I was too immersed in gameplay to even notice it. Something similar to the sound track, the voice actors. I found the voice actors perfect for this game. In all honesty, if someone has an annoying voice it can ruin something easily. Even monotone voice is better than high pitched or annoying for me, and I hate monotone voices. I won’t really rate the soundtrack because it doesn’t matter, I get too caught up in the game to care about the sounds, with the exceptions of cutscenes.

Gameplay (10/10)- To me, this game has solid gameplay. I would even say it is way too solid, as I can ignore my surroundings with ho fun it is. You can drive around, craft weapons, hack and slash, run over masses of zombies, ignore the story or play the game to its fullest. There is something for everybody out there in this game (except for anyone under the age of 17)

Story (9 out of 10)- I actually really liked the plot on this game. At one point I went say what. Mostly because I have some background knowledge of the Dead Rising series. I liked how the different bosses have stories. I was skeptical with some on the contrary. Honestly there should of been a secret ending for beating all of the seven sin bosses. That really is my only qualm, how all you get was a shiny weapon and/or vehicle. Shame on me for being slightly biased, but the plot other than that is amazing. I should just change that to a decimal, but it would be a hassle to do extremely complex math.

In all honesty, for my first dead rising game that I played and didn’t watch someone else play, I really liked this game. I liked the nod off to Frank from the first game by all the statues. Like before, I give this game a 9.5 out of 10. That is all for now-


Jan 31st 2018- List of classic games you should try

Hello everybody and today I’m doing a list (to make up for the fact that I’ve had a hiatus when I promised to post) of classic games you should try out (Some of these aren’t really classic, some are, some I’ve done a post of, some not) to end this months theme.(not in order of rank)

1. Kameo and the Elements of power

2. Fable (Personal Favorite game)

3. Battletoads

4. Viva Piñata

5. Bioshock (Rated M)

6. Resident Evil (any game in series/ Rated M)

7. Metroid (Any game in series)

8. Paper Mario (Any game in series)

9. Valkyria (any game in series)

10. Phoenix Wright (any game in series)

11. Sly Cooper (Any game in series)

12. Professor Layton (any game in series

13. God of War (Rated M)

14. Banjo Kazooie

15. Fire Emblem

That’s all (for now)-


May 11th 2017- Super Meatboy recommendation

Warning, do not play this game if you are easily offended, or a kid(without parents permission, so parents, play it first). But what is it with little kids playing games not intended for their age group. Also this can be a rage inducing game, so don’t direct your anger at me if you “accidentally” or purposefully throw your controller against your screen or punch your computer screen.  Other than that, have fun. -P.S. One of the games soundtracks songs does have a vulgar name, and it does feature you going to the underworld for a while, so that is why I have to give this a warning Sticker. I would say if anything it is rated T. Also the games antagonist doesn’t have a fully appropriate name.

Today I am going to recommend a game called Super Meat Boy. Super MeatBoy is a quick paced platformed where you play as Meatboy (or one of the other unlock-able characters in the game) who’s girlfriend has been kidnapped by the games antagonist.This game makes you feel both nostalgia and rage at the same time, mostly for the fact it feels old school, but isn’t. It can be next to impossible to beat for most people (except me, no, I’m not bragging, this is just my favorite type if game), let alone get 100%.

Plot (100 out of 100 and 50 out of 100)- This game has an extremely easy to follow plot that is not hard to follow at all.  For that reason, I’m giving both a 100 and a 50, because it it has a plot that doesn’t make you confused, it’s cut and paste what happens, so for simplicity I give it a 100. The 50 part is this game has no complexity, and I personally like complex plots, but since my opinion is not of every ones, I’m giving it two grades, just to be fair.

Music- (100 out of 100) – I would give the music to this game an A+. I feel as if its one of the best things about the game because you will be stuck on many levels, so it’s at least gotta give you good music. My favorite song is the one of the underworld, but I do try to keep these reviews G to PG, so I can’t say the name. Look it up if you want to, but do it of your own accord. (This is so I don’t get in trouble if you get in trouble, so please don’t blame me if you look up the song name).

Gameplay (90 out of 100)- This games gameplay is repetitive (mostly for the fact of what type of game it is), but it constantly adds new elements to not make it monotonous (It’s not like running you over with an 18-wheeler, it gives you new elements at a steady pace). Most of it is figuring out what to do by yourself, but it is almost painfully obvious what each thing does. It even some times fires what each new mechanic does at you.

Rage inducing ((this scale is the more rage inducing it is, the lesser the score, just to make a game not a perfect 10 out of ten where it makes you want to throw the console out the window, also adds and additional 100 just in case of being too rage inducing) 35 out of 100) – This game can make you madder than the mad hatter, buts it not from being a crappy game. This game is legitimately hard and frustrating from good game play. Although this can make you go, “I should’ve made that,” it is still almost always the player who messed up.

Graphics-(75 out of 100)- The graphics of this game are good, but not great. I would say the games graphics are mediocre, but then again this game was released in 2011. So 75.

All in all, I would give this game an eight star rating (7.9 and 2/3 to be exact)(that’s the average of the two scores put together, from one category having two scores. Ones 8 and 1/3 and the other is 7.5) This amazing game is 15 dollars, so go check it out for yourself. Until next time- The Firemoon Gamer


April 26th 2017- Spooky’s House of Jump Scares Review


Image found at stylishkira.deviantart.com

(Warning, this game contains graphic and disturbing images, flashing lights, and sudden jump scares. It is not recommended to play if you have a weak heart, epilepsy, have been heavily sheltered as a kid, or are under the age of 13. I am not telling you to play this, so don’t get mad at me if anything happens. It is an amazing game nevertheless. There, now I can’t get sued.)

This game is recommended for beginners in the horror genre, and all types of gamer’s. Veterans might have difficulty because it is an unusual horror game; it’s different than most of that genre.

 I’m reviewing the free, original version, not the HD remake, so don’t question why some things are out dated. (On a side note this game wasn’t even released ten years ago and it got a remake, and I find that funny, and I’m not making a backhanded comment there.)

Today I’m reviewing a cuteysy, demonic, horror game called Spooky’s House of Jump Scares. Many people are probably wondering why today I’m reviewing a horror game in the middle of Spring (or Fall if you live in the southern hemisphere), when it’s not even remotely close to Halloween, and that is because this a game that needs more love. Spooky’s House of Jump Scares is a horror game on P.C. that is about you exploring a mansion that is haunted by the ghost of a kid named Spooky. You traverse the halls, trying to figure out what happened while trying to not die. It is extremely cute game, but some of the images are really gorey. You should ask your doctor first if you can play this if you have epilepsy or a weak heart. I overall give this game an 8.46 out of 10. Now lets see why.

Sound (80 out of 100) – The quality of the sound and voice acting are pretty solid. It is amazing, but some of it is overly creepy. It doesn’t really have music, but does have audio per say, so it gets minus 20 points.

Gameplay (90 out of 100) – The gameplay is also pretty solid, but can be annoying at times. You can only save every 100 rooms, so if you mess up, too bad so sad. It can be frustrating, but it is also simplistic. It’s good for what it is.

Story (75 out of 100) – The story is very cryptic, and there is a different story for everything, and the ending is good, but could improve. The story can be confusing, and you may need to play the game once or twice to get it. It’s bittersweet and good once you understand it all.

Scare factor (100 out of 100) – This is a game that starts out entirely cute, and it leads you on. You feel as safe as can be, but then it hits you with an eighteen wheeler, and you will be scared out of your mind. Not saying why or how though; that would spoil all the fun.

Atmosphere (95 out of 100) – The general atmosphere changes immensely as the game progresses, and each atmosphere is unique and extremely fitting for each section. Some people may not like the amount of atmospheres, and how they transition.

Graphics (67 out of 100) – This game has good graphics for what it is, but it’s not the greatest.

It is available on Steam for free, but the D.L.C isn’t. I would recommend to try it yourself for a bit before buying anything.

April 19th 2017- Momodora reverie under the moonlight review

Today I am going to review Momodora reverie under the moonlight. Momodora is a peculiar game. It is a game that rewards you with various items if you defeat bosses without taking any damage while fighting them. It is a game in which you follow a young priestess Kaho who is fighting a curse to save the land. MomodoraIV-Official art work-

The game is available to purchase at Steam for ten dollars, and it also on the Playstation 4 and Xbox 1 . The graphics is of semi-handrawn and semi-pixel. It has good graphics, and has amazing music. The music isn’t memorable to everyone, but can be. The music feels as if you were listening to classical music, and the gameplay is pretty solid. Overall I would give it a nine out of ten. Please buy the game for yourself to support the author. This game was released on March 4th 2016, so it is technically modern day. This has no support from the author in any way shape or form, but this is a game that needs more love.

AM2R Review April 13th, 2017

This game is recommended to everyone, but it might be insanely hard to legitimately hard to find. I’m still a wee bit disgruntled about Nintendo shutting it down. This review is different from regular format because I’m not even sure it’s up anymore, or if you can get a legitimate copy of it anymore. This is here because of a memorial kind of thing. I am lucky enough to have nabbed me a copy though. 

Today I am Reviewing AM2R. AM2R is a PC game that is a Fan game for Metroid 2, which is also a  remake. This is given a 4.5 out of 5 star rating, mostly for how good the game is. The point five taken away is only for it was taken down , and while it is back up, it is hard to find. This game has amazing graphics, and game play, but the controls are hard to get used to for the game. The ascetics are good, and feels like a genuine Nintendo made game. It is an incredibly easy game to 100 percent, but then there is its difficulty. Easy mode can feel harder than normal mode, but that is at first glance. Enemies can be confused for background objects, and hazards, but usually are identifiable. This can be confusing for first time gamer’s. It is faithful to the original Metroid 2, so if you want to see it again, ask the creator here AM2R official website.