9/17/2019- The Secret of Monkey Island

Image taken from Steam

Hello and today I am covering a classic game, Secret of Monkey Island. For the record I played the Special Edition, so if there is any confusion on whether or not I got the legit experience, I technically did with the more modern version (If that is even correct statement). Another thing for the record is that the price of Monkey Island while I was writing the review was $9.99 on steam. On to the review. *This game is appropriate for all ages*

To go into this review, I must admit, I wasn’t even sure how in the world I was going to review a point and click game, especially one from ten (the special edition came out in 2009) (Technically approx. 30 years, because the original version came out in 1990) ago. Games sometimes don’t age well, sometimes opinions change of things, and sometimes things that are socially acceptable change. Point and click games, while fun, usually get the short end of the stick. One example of times changing is the nutrition heavy cannibals. Some might see that as a jab towards vegans modern day, while some might find it funny (myself included). So in all fairness (and seeing how I wasn’t born before and/or have memories of 1990 (because I still wasn’t born) so I can’t tell anyone whether or not some of that stuff would fly back then) I’ll do a ” is it inherently a good game or bad game” type of game review today.


This is a point and click adventure, and point and click is either love it or hate it type of game play, so theirs that. I personally love playing point and click games (not all point and click games though, some are just monotonous or just plain idiocy) and puzzle solving, so there is that.


This game is a very witty game, especially with the sword fighting, but my one complaint is the sword fighting RnG. I didn’t actually look into it too much, but sometimes with the sword fighting you can be grinding because you can’t get a certain line to pop up, so in turn, sometimes the humor gets monotonous because of waiting for a time that is comparative to forever. But other than that this game has hours upon hours of subjectively humorous dialogue.

Voice Acting

This game has decent voice acting. Sometimes it feels slightly apathetic, but it is still decent nonetheless. I might be having higher standards because of modern voice acting, so I’ll cut the game some slack.


Overall I would give this game a 6/10. The monotony I felt with this game sometimes was just too much, and sometimes the things you had to do were just too convoluted. I wouldn’t call this a bad game per se, I just wouldn’t call it a good game. I enjoyed myself for the most part, but I can faithfully say this game hasn’t aged well in my opinion. If you don’t have the nostalgia, I fell like this game might be a bust, if not for the humor. I would recommend it, but just for the experience. That’s it for now-