Walkthrough notice- September 11th

Hello and today I am going to give an update on the walkthrough. To help clarify, no, it is not a video one. It is a written one. If it is suggested or people want me to, I will, but I will not do it for just one person (sorry, I just have school and stuff, and I am not even sure how all that stuff works just yet). Now I will announce the results. People so not care what I do. So I’m just going to pretend that that means people would be happy with anything, and I will say what it is (imaginary drumroll) Castlevania Aria of Sorrows. I will also include a Julius mode one, and the first part of the walkthrough (the first area) will be posted this Wednesday.  That is all for now-

The Firemoon Gamer

Author: Firemoon

I am a person who loves gaming and writing, and I want to share my love and passions with the world.

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