Notice- Jan 13th 2017

As it is a new year, I feel like I should add more stuff. And that I shall. Starting today, I declare January kickback month. What is kick back month you may ask. Kickback month is going to be where I (and other staff members if I get more, the only other staff member I have is if I get sick, but mostly a fact checker/ reminder to post)  mostly post stuff that is a call back to classic games, or games of yesteryear, with the occasional game that is from a year or two ago. I have three games I am currently playing, so once I finish those games expect a ton of posts. I do apologize again for not posting very much, but I am a student, so I don’t have the biggest amount of free time. That’s all for now-


Author: Firemoon

I am a person who loves gaming and writing, and I want to share my love and passions with the world.

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