April 10th, 2020- Darksiders Review

Darksiders is a RPG where you play as War, (Bewear this half-baked plot summary, as it was unclear how to do a synopsis without ripping off anyone else or the store page, with at the same time not giving away the whole plot) one of the four horseman who has been called into Earth by mysterious forces, causing the apocalypse, without any of the seals being broken that should’ve been broken to cause war to come and reign hell on Earth. This is the basis of why the story is way it is. If you actually get into the story , it is really good. Like for example, * Story spoiler ahead* you learn that the whole conflict is caused by the angels wanting to smite the demons. I would overall give this games plot a 8/10.


The gameplay to this game is one of a hack and slash game. The core mechanics are those similar of a traditional Zelda game, as you go through a dungeon, get an item, use said item, and maybe use said item later, also get a dungeon map/compass when in a dungeon. This may be a poor explanation of the gameplay, but it should work. Overall I would give the gameplay a 8/10.

Graphics/Artstyle and sound-

The graphics of this game are pretty sweet, and they really convey the mood really well. The art style of this game is grotesque and badass, and I would highly recommend checking it out. It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, as I know someone who doesn’t like the art style, but don’t let that keep you from playing this awesome game. The soundtrack is also awesome. I would give this a 9/10.

Difficulty- as a curtesy thing, this games difficulty is one that is halfway between Darksouls type difficulty and Zelda. So basically a 6.5/10.


Overall I would give this game a 8.3 out of 10. I would highly recommend this game to anyone out there who enjoys hack and slash with puzzle solving. I do admit this is not everyones cup of tea, but overall I would say try it out. To give an idea of how much I enjoyed this game, I have currently beaten it twice, once on Xbox and once on PC, so there is definitely replay value. This game is currently $19.99 on Steam, so go pick it up and give it a try. That is all for now, so until next time-

-Travis Rhodes (TheFiremoonGamer)

Author: Firemoon

I am a person who loves gaming and writing, and I want to share my love and passions with the world.

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