Mobile Game of the Months of June-Aug- Werewolf Tycoon- July 26th 2017

Werewolf Tycoon
This image is that of the starting screen.

This Months MGM (technically plural Months) is Werewolf Tycoon. Werewolf Tycoon is about you’re a werewolf trying to eat as many people as possible while trying not to get caught by the press. It is an extremely simplistic game, but it is fun. You might accidentally play this game for hours. One secret I will say is tap the UFO in the sky if it appears for a nice little secret. This game has quite a few Easter eggs, so go at it. This game is free off of the app store, so get it. That is all for now.

-Firemoon Gamer

Author: Firemoon

I am a person who loves gaming and writing, and I want to share my love and passions with the world.

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