27th of March, 2018, MGM- Solomons Boneyard

*Image found at geekiest.net

Hello and today I am doing the mobile game of the month. Sorry for not posting lately, school just keeps me occupied, along with poor time management skills. And now on to the game. Solomons Boneyard is a game set twenty three years before Solomons Keep. You play as one of four characters, with six more being able to unlock if you play enough. My personal favorite character is Morth, a wizard who deals with ice magic. Solomons boneyard was released in 2009, but I play the living daylights (get it?) out of it. I have been playing this since it was released, and holy cow is it fun. It is essentially Solomons keep as a survival shooter. This game is a game that gets progressively harder as you play, so keep that in mind. This game is not inappropriate in any way, so I’ll give this game an “anyone can play” rating. It is free on the appstore (Not entirely sure for android) so go  get this loveable game. The one thing I do have to say is I probably should of waited till October to do this, but no use crying over spilt milk. That’s all for now-


February 28th 2018- MGM-Hustle Castle

Hello, and today I am going to do the MGM of this fine February. Sorry if I haven’t been posting lately, my access to technology has been “limited” to say the least. This game is the mobile game of the month for February because of the medieval theme and it made me laugh. That’s all for now really. Great game, wicked sense of humor. –


Jan 6th 2018- mobile game of the month (Alto’s adventure)

*Image found at Alto’s adventure website

Hello and today (For the third time) I want to mention a wonderful game that has left me speechless, Alto’s adventure. This was a game I had with my old phone (That had a broken connecter leaving me with a ton of snow (Look up if not sure what I mean)) and it is beautiful. I will recommend this to everyone, and I say check this out for yourself. I’m speechless from how well made it is, and it is already at the top for this years (Mobile) game of the year. That is all for now-


Decembers mobile game of the month- Gardenscapes- December 1st 2017

Image found at google play

This months MGM is Gardenscapes. Gardenscapes is a game I play a lot. I mean a lot. It is a little concerning how much I play. Well anyway, Gardenscapes is a game where you get a house, and you renovate and revamp a garden. You play connect and match levels, which get progressively harder. I know that for a fact, because I’ve played enough to get to level 341 (that is the level I am currently on). I would recommend this game to anyone and everyone. This game is beautiful, and you can just stare at it for hours. That’s all for now-


November mobile game of the month- tap tap fish- November 28 2018


*Image found at belltreeforums.comt

If you follow my twitter, this was seen coming from a mile away. This game is a very addicting game. I find this game very aesthetically pleasing, and relaxing. I’ve played this game for hours at a time, because of how well it is made, from the beauty and ambient music. If I was rating this, it would be a solid 10. This game is extremely addicting too, as it has elements of cookie clicker (ignorance is bliss for this, as cookie clicker is one of the hardest games to pit down). I say get this game for yourself, as it is free to play. Thats all for now-

-The Firemoon gamer

October 11th 2017- Mobile game of the month- Pixel Dungeon

main_menuimage came from pixeldungeon.watabou.ru

This months mobile game of the month is a game that I play like there is no tomorrow. As a disclaimer I do have to say this is a rogue type game, so this games difficulty is pretty high. Sometimes there is random things that can and will kill you, like accidentally lighting yourself on fire, or random traps. This game is a game where if you die, you start completely over. But that’s the only thing really. But on to why this game is the mobile game of the month. This game is extremely addicting. I love RPG’s (The roleplaying one, not the other, more violent one) and I love Rogue like games. This game is fitting as there is ton of monsters, fights, potions, magic, alchemy, ect. This is a game that is extremely hard to put down. My favorite part about this game is that everything is randomized every run. You never know what will happen in your next run. The potions are different every time, the map, the scrolls, the equipment (found) and the rings. Another great part is that you need to eat. That is what makes this game great. Until next time

-The Firemoon Gamer

Mobile Game of the Months of June-Aug- Werewolf Tycoon- July 26th 2017

Werewolf Tycoon
This image is that of the starting screen.

This Months MGM (technically plural Months) is Werewolf Tycoon. Werewolf Tycoon is about you’re a werewolf trying to eat as many people as possible while trying not to get caught by the press. It is an extremely simplistic game, but it is fun. You might accidentally play this game for hours. One secret I will say is tap the UFO in the sky if it appears for a nice little secret. This game has quite a few Easter eggs, so go at it. This game is free off of the app store, so get it. That is all for now.

-Firemoon Gamer

April 25th, 2017, Mays Mobile Game of the Month For The Firemoon Gamer

This game is recommended for all gamer’s, or anyone new to gaming

Today I am going to start a thing called Mobile Game of The month. Every person in this blog will choose a personal recommendation of what mobile game you should get if you want to get one for that month. This will happen at the week before the next month starts. Mays Mobile Game of the Month for me Is Burrito Bison, Launcha Libre. You get it on the appstore for free.burritobisonlaunchalibre

I don’t actually know where this image came from, I just randomly found it. I do not own it, nor did I make, and I don’t know who actually does own/ made it. Kudos to whoever made it though.