27th of March, 2018, MGM- Solomons Boneyard

*Image found at geekiest.net

Hello and today I am doing the mobile game of the month. Sorry for not posting lately, school just keeps me occupied, along with poor time management skills. And now on to the game. Solomons Boneyard is a game set twenty three years before Solomons Keep. You play as one of four characters, with six more being able to unlock if you play enough. My personal favorite character is Morth, a wizard who deals with ice magic. Solomons boneyard was released in 2009, but I play the living daylights (get it?) out of it. I have been playing this since it was released, and holy cow is it fun. It is essentially Solomons keep as a survival shooter. This game is a game that gets progressively harder as you play, so keep that in mind. This game is not inappropriate in any way, so I’ll give this game an “anyone can play” rating. It is free on the appstore (Not entirely sure for android) so go  get this loveable game. The one thing I do have to say is I probably should of waited till October to do this, but no use crying over spilt milk. That’s all for now-


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