November mobile game of the month- tap tap fish- November 28 2018


*Image found at belltreeforums.comt

If you follow my twitter, this was seen coming from a mile away. This game is a very addicting game. I find this game very aesthetically pleasing, and relaxing. I’ve played this game for hours at a time, because of how well it is made, from the beauty and ambient music. If I was rating this, it would be a solid 10. This game is extremely addicting too, as it has elements of cookie clicker (ignorance is bliss for this, as cookie clicker is one of the hardest games to pit down). I say get this game for yourself, as it is free to play. Thats all for now-

-The Firemoon gamer

Author: Firemoon

I am a person who loves gaming and writing, and I want to share my love and passions with the world.

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