April 17th- Metriod Fusion Review

This game is recommended for advanced gamer’s and up, but still can be enjoyed by every one. I will consider this a horror game, for the sake of this game is surprisingly intense. It finds new ways to scare me every time. It doesn’t even contain gore, graphic, or disturbing images, it’s just scary. I don’t know why, I really can’t describe it. I still love it and play it all the time though. 

metroid fusion artMetroid fusion is a game in which you play as Bounty Hunter Samus Aran in a gba horror-shooter adventure game where you are actively hunted by creature SA-X. I give this game a 4 out of five stars. The graphics are incredibly good for its time, it is a pixelated 24bit 2d game. It has fitting sound effects, and even has sprites that are only used once. The first sprite that is only used once is in a beginning cut scene, where the beginning enemy is opening up its jaws. This is surprisingly only used once, as the enemy shows up many times in game. The atmosphere is amazing, as it always feels as if you could die or get attacked any minute. It can be downloaded for virtual consol any time for ten dollars. The game should be approximately 4 to 5 hours for any beginner, and it is difficult at times, but it is recommended regardless.

Image is official art from Nintendo.


AM2R Review April 13th, 2017

This game is recommended to everyone, but it might be insanely hard to legitimately hard to find. I’m still a wee bit disgruntled about Nintendo shutting it down. This review is different from regular format because I’m not even sure it’s up anymore, or if you can get a legitimate copy of it anymore. This is here because of a memorial kind of thing. I am lucky enough to have nabbed me a copy though. 

Today I am Reviewing AM2R. AM2R is a PC game that is a Fan game for Metroid 2, which is also a  remake. This is given a 4.5 out of 5 star rating, mostly for how good the game is. The point five taken away is only for it was taken down , and while it is back up, it is hard to find. This game has amazing graphics, and game play, but the controls are hard to get used to for the game. The ascetics are good, and feels like a genuine Nintendo made game. It is an incredibly easy game to 100 percent, but then there is its difficulty. Easy mode can feel harder than normal mode, but that is at first glance. Enemies can be confused for background objects, and hazards, but usually are identifiable. This can be confusing for first time gamer’s. It is faithful to the original Metroid 2, so if you want to see it again, ask the creator here AM2R official website.

Speed running tips April 12th, 2017

To start this blog off, today I am going to give speed running tips for Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64. To kickstart this, I am going to cover the backwards long jump. To start off, go onto any slope. You then face the slope going downhill. After that you then do a long jump, and then start to go backwards as soon as you start jumping. If you do that, you should be able to pull off the backwards long jump.